Shawn Pourebrahim


ShawnShawn Pourebrahim came to the United States from Iran in 1986. He attended Technical School, and Graduated with an Associates Degree. He developed many unique academic programs that rely on the impact of emerging technologies and the communication process.

In 1993 Shawn Pourebrahim had opened a very successful retail store. In the process of bringing this successful and operating business to where it is today, Shawn Pourebrahim had gained a great deal of customer service, experience in sales, and building a path of loyalty and honesty. In addition he speaks Farsi and conversation Spanish.

After many years of practicing and excelling in customer service, Shawn decided to paint a bigger picture. Shawn Pourebrahim decided to pursue a career in Real Estate, and found that many years of sales helped him to be a better advocate and troubleshooter on behalf of his real estate clients, as well as making him more attuned to potential liability concerns and contract issues for clients.

Shawn successfully joined a very prestigious and respectable Real Estate Firm, KW Realty Westside. KW Realty Westside provides both Residential and Commercial Real Estate services. In addition KW Realty Westside has the best training, and in-house lending.

Shawn Pourebrahim works as a real estate professional because he has a genuine passion for real estate and for assisting people who are in the midst of a hugely important and complicated process. In the course of his 14 years of customer service, his unique combination of experience and education provide him with expert credentials, and he works to share his expertise with each client to make the home buying or selling process as smooth as possible.

“I love working in a dynamic community with a robust economy and an exceptionally well educated and sophisticated population. When a client decides to purchase a home in the area, I enjoy guiding that person through such an important and exciting process--whether it is a first time buyer or a veteran home owner. I look forward to helping my clients get top dollar for their homes, while also working to ensure that each transaction progresses smoothly and expeditiously”
–Shawn Pourebrahim